Links to information on nuclear energy

World Nuclear Association - International organization providing information, statistics, news, and education on nuclear energy around the world.

American Nuclear Society - Public information on the environment, waste disposal, next generation nuclear, etc.

Nuclear Energy Institute - Public and member information on protecting the environment, resources, news, etc.

American Council on Science and Health - Analysis of nuclear energy by ACSH scientists.

Environmentalists for Nuclear Energy - International site which focuses on information about energy and the environment.

Nuclear Regulatory Commission - update of schedule and status of new nuclear license applications. - links to reports, research centers, utilities, consultants, disposal, storage, transportation - all things related to radioactive waste.

Related Links

Climate Change: US. Environmental Protection Agency information on the science, policies and effects of climate change.

Stephen Chu: A New Energy Program: "A coal plant that captures 99.5% of the fly ash, which is radioactive, emits roughtly 100 times as much radioactivity as a nuclear power plant."

Coal to Nuclear: Information on impact of converting coal to nuclear plants.